2023 Third Quarter Sales

2023 Third Quarter Sales of €164.6 million,
Up +23% compared to 2022 (at constant exchange rates)


Revenue by business line - excl. IAS 29 - in € millions  YTD Sep 2023 YTD Sep 2022 Var %
Equipment sales 497,9 366,0 +36%
Rental sales 17,5 16,3 +7%
Services 52,9 46,8 +13%
Total 568,3 429,1 +32%


(*) The changes presented below are at constant exchange rates, excluding the application of IAS29 (Argentina and Turkey hyperinflation)

2023 Third Quarter Activity:

In a global aerial work platform market that remains well oriented and with market conditions normalizing, Haulotte recorded consolidated sales of €164.6 million in Q3 2023, up 23% on the same period last year.

At the end of September 2023, consolidated sales amounted to €568.3 million, compared with €429.1 million last year, representing an increase of +35% between the two periods.

In Europe, where the market is stabilizing, the Group recorded sales growth of +19% over the first nine months of the year.

In Asia-Pacific, Haulotte continued to post year-on-year sales growth of +21% as of end of September.

In North America, Haulotte confirmed the good sales performance seen in previous quarters, with sales up +86% over the first 9 months of the year, driven by strong growth of +128% in the aerial work platform business.

In Latin America, Group sales were up +37%, again driven by business in Brazil.

At the end of September 2023, equipment sales were up +38%, rental business +9% and services +15%.


2023 Outlook:

Driven by a backlog that remains above average, Haulotte forecasts annual revenue growth from +25% to +30% in 2023 and a current operating margin (excluding foreign exchange gains and losses) from +3% to +4% of its revenue.


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